Six Steps Women Can Take to Improve Their Health at Any Age

6 Steps for Women to Improve Their Health at Any Age

Life gets a bit busy, and we tend to neglect our bodies. Women got engaged with many small things that add up at the end of the day, and we forget the essential task of all, looking after ourselves. You cannot look after anyone else if you are not in good health. We often get told self-care is selfish, but it is time to be a little selfish and nourish your own body so we can continue working towards a great life and helping others

1. Look After Your Bones

Look After Your BonesLadies quite often have more modest, more slender bones than men. Estrogen, a chemical in ladies that safeguards bones, diminishes when ladies arrive at menopause, which can cause bone misfortune. Bone Health is not something we think of every day, and we tend to associate it with older people, so if you are young, the best time to start looking after your bones is now. As we get older, we know that breaking a bone could mean an impairment for the rest of our lives but ensuring your bones are healthy from a young age helps us when we’re older. The USDA suggests taking 1000mg of calcium daily, so check what you’re eating daily and supplement your diet with more calcium if needed. 

2. Get Active and Stay Active

Make being active a priority in your life. When we are younger, we’re usually busy making money for our future or raising our families, so it feels like we don’t have time to get active and move our bodies, but you need to be involved at any age to stay healthy. Being active means your heart, muscles, bones, and organs are healthy. It reduces stress, which is known to be detrimental to your health. Try going on light walks with friends or family, or even take your dog for a walk. It will only make your life better, not worse.

3. Screen your Health Often

There is a good reason why they’re called checkups. Go for checkups yearly at your physician and gynecologist to ensure your health is in good shape and you can catch any illnesses early on. Prevention is the best cure – if you don’t have a go-to physician, do research for someone you feel comfortable with and can see regularly. 

4. Quit Smoking

Warning labels are everywhere about the disease and illnesses smoking can bring, but it goes much deeper than just lung cancer. Smoking affects your entire body, from your brain to your heart, and is one of the leading causes of heart disease. Quit Smoking as quickly as possible and replace the bad habit with a better one like reading to keep your mind sharp or going for walks to keep your body fit. You will see your sense of smell and taste improve within a month, and your mood will improve after a few months, even if withdrawal might be challenging.

5. Improve Your Diet

The saying goes, ‘you are what you eat,’ which is very accurate. You should not treat your body as a trash can. Eating unhealthy foods will only cause your body to suffer. Ensure you have the correct diet for your body and budget. To be considered healthy, you don’t have to be a fully raw vegan. Adding some healthy fish and veggies to your diet will ensure your body gets the proper nutrients and vitamins to fight illness and disease from the very moment you implement a better diet. Try to get your nutrients in through actual healthy food and not just supplements, since that will eliminate the need to eat junk food. Accessories are great if your diet is restrictive, such as being a vegan or following the paleo diet. Speak to your physician about your body needs and see improvements from day one. 

6. Sleep Well

We often think we can allow ourselves only a few hours of sleep, and even if you do feel refreshed after sleeping for four hours, the effects on your body aren’t significant. Your body needs more or less eight hours of quality sleep to restore brain function, repair damaged cells, and improve your immune system. Make sure you have a proper bed and cushions to support your spine and neck since most people struggle with their neck and spine even at a young age. Avoid sleeping in weird positions and on couches as often as you can. Avoiding screens for 30 minutes before bed can also significantly improve your sleep. 

You only have one body, so look after it. We often neglect to look after others because we don’t have time. Self-care is not selfish. It would be best if you had a long and healthy life.