Top 8 Essential Uses of Technology in Everyday Life

Top 8 Essential Uses of Technology in Everyday Life

Regardless of whether we recognize it, innovation has become integral to our day-to-day existence. From waking up in the morning by an alarm clock to making meals and getting ready, we use several kinds of technology. We drive or commute to the workplace using another form of technology, transportation. As for the office, we have other tech tools, like computers and the internet. Following are eight actual uses of technology that have revolutionized our lives, and now we cannot imagine surviving life without them.

1. Education

EducationToday, education and skill learning has become what only food and shelter were once. Back in time, humans had limited access to knowledge. Anyone can learn anything in the world through phones, laptops, and the internet. All these options are available just a few clicks away. Also, trying these different courses allows one to discover their aptitude and tendencies, allowing them to follow their soul’s desire instead of the options available. 

In medieval times, reading was the only way of getting knowledge. Nowadays, one can gain understanding in various exciting ways, such as listening to audiobooks, watching videos, and taking online classes like Zoom or Google Classroom. 

2. Working from Home

Imagine a life where people have to travel miles away to work. Also, it was a devil’s dream to leave kids at home for several hours if they had kids. Today, everyone can sit in the comfort of their own home and work anywhere in the world, from selling items to working for a company. 

For Students, it is twice as convenient since it saves them several hours of commute a week. Now they can open their laptops, even at school, and work from anywhere. Students can open their laptops for some time and earn plenty to take care of the cost of their formal studies. 

3. Business

Technology has revolutionized businesses to an unprecedented extent. Now, whatever anyone is offering has a global market. They have to post it on social media. Also, there is no need to invest tons of money in building an office or warehouse to keep the goods. Nowadays, everyone needs a laptop and a working internet connection to do various work.

4. Communication

There was a time when distance was a thing of suffering. Today, pieces of technology like Skype, Snapchat, and other social media apps have brought everyone together and closer. Now we are all able to stay in touch with one another 24/7. We can see our loved ones live on video calls. Likewise, people can send material things to each other instantly and anywhere in the world, 24/7. 

5. Everyday Chores

Preparing meals to prevent starvation is no longer a problem if anybody is sick or has a crisis where they can’t cook. Tons of restaurants and grocery stores are constantly working to serve our needs. We need to place an order to get anything delivered to our door. 

6. Revolutionized Beauty Industry

Besides all the cosmetic creams and lotions, the beauty industry has upgraded to a great extent. Laser technology can resolve skin issues from warts to moles to acne scars to pigmentation. However, it does not stop here. Advanced technology can even reverse aging and change any feature one would like to change. This profound technology can also remove stubborn body fat without dieting or exercising. 

7. Health

Modern technology has saved us from our vicious historical killers like diabetes, hepatitis, heart attacks, and, most dangerous, cancer. Today, technology has figured cure for all these nasties. Now we can even target the cancerous cells directly without damaging our healthy organs and cells and treat this major killer. The health industry is still revolutionizing, figuring solutions for other enemies like AIDS and aging.

8. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is instilling a program in robots, including vehicles, to make them work automatically. It is the most advanced level of technology at present. Earlier machines were merely tools. Now, scientists are giving brains to these machines. Progress in some areas is under development.

However, on occasions, marvelous results are apparent. For example, Google is a successful version whose algorithm is like one super gigantic brain. Google molds our social media according to clues picked by one’s searches. It will show us events, suggestions, restaurants, and commercial ads according to our interests. Now, Google knows us better than our family and sometimes even better than ourselves.

As Yuval Noah Harari, in his book 21 lessons for the 21st century, writes about AI, “If we did not remain conscious and set limits, one day AI will begin to hack and manipulate humans.”